A short, non-technical introduction to Substrate

Substrate, by Parity Technologies

What is Substrate and how did it come to be?

Part-time, full-time, undergrad, postgrad, bootcamp, immersion programme — you name it!

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Basically me on the bike flipping on the car that is Algorithms & Data Structures.

We need you to help us help others!

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Content Ideas

  • Sharings about how you got started in tech, and how did you land your first job.
  • Tutorials on how to do something interesting with your favourite language.
  • Actionable advice for people who are looking to get into coding and even non-technical aspects…

Cue nervous laughter, anxiety and an unhealthy dose of imposter syndrome.

Everything’s coming up Einstein!

The famous moments that shaped crypto-verse as we know it.

Also, no one teaches you a bumpy ride like crypto does.

1. The Bitcoin Genesis Block

This is a zero to hero guide for those that want to know more about the blockchain industry.

Blockchain is a hot topic.

Yeah, that’s right. I didn’t know there was a difference, too.

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Here are some tips to help you navigate through the crypto job space.

Because the 9–5 life is too mainstream.

The magic word is interoperability

The Polkadot Relay Chain

A lesson about decentralisation and its future.

Luke H.

This is a space where I document my adventures in blockchain technology, computer science, and life.

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